STELLAr style!

If you enjoy fashion and have a general knowledge about the top names in the industry, you had to have come across Stella McCartney.

Daughter or revered Paul and Linda McCartney, she has built a clothing brand that comprises of designs for the chic, independent boss lady.

I specifically drool over her designs as they are completely animal-cruelty free! And as I love those furry critters, I think it a feat that she has created such a stunning brand and amassed loyal followers without  a single tuft of real fur or scrap of original crocodile.


She started her design journey when she was appointed the Creative Director of Chloé in Paris. From there she went on to  launch her own fashion house under her name in a joint venture with Gucci Group (now Kering) and showed her first collection in Paris.

After starting her own brand, she has created perfumes, a natural skincare line, sportswear and a kids clothing line for those toddlers who probably have an Instagram and drink out of gold-plated bottles 😉

She Has 4 children with her husband Alasdhair Willis and continues to create sophisticated and fresh designs with a touch of whimsy.



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