Athleisure; so you can pretend you work out

A well-known street trend is athleisure, aptly named to merge sporty clothing with the more, comfy and casual vibe. It’s great if you want to take on a new look, but don’t want to try anything too cur-azy (neon vinyl, anyone).

It can be spotted on many celebs and brings you one step closer to achieving that ‘off-duty model’ look, even of you’re not 10 feet tall and then some.

It’s also a great way to trick others, and maybe yourself, into thinking that you do make full use of that gym membership and absolutely do not bail on gym days and stuff your face with Oreo’s instead.

So, here are a few  pieces and how to style ’em:










So, as you can see, I’ve tried to strike a balance between sporty and chic. You can add pops of unexpected colour through your accesories, jewellery, shoes and gym bag. The key is to balance out the bare casual-ness of workout wear with shots of bling or even a pair of killer heels!

Hopefully, it might inspire you to visit the gym, if not, enjoy your Oreo’s my friend.


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