How To Style: Flared Jeans

This is a throwback trend, and it has hit hard. From Fashion Week visitors to your fave blogger, you’ve spotted it all around the fashion scene, and also in your moms closet; oh the confusing questions of life.

Although they can seem a bit daunting and maybe even, dare say, silly *fashionistas around the world gasp* once you get into a pair, there is no going back (plus, they make your legs seem to go on forever).

I’ve tried to be versatile and have taken 4 different styles of flare jeans, so hope that’s helpful. So, here are a couple ways to style flared jeans:


This is a casual look for shopping or just hanging out, but still looking polished. I added the bright arm-candy for that pop, and simple flats that are comfy and sleek!

fj 1


Jazz up this lovely pair for a night out with cute studs, a simple cross body, cheeky side-slit crop top. I also love adding a bright shoe with long-flares as you see them peeking out with each step you take!

fj 2


These are a more full-flare, cropped pair of jeans, adding to a more vintage look. To stop it getting too hillbilly with the gingham, I’ve thrown on a faux leather jacket, a sleek watch and some killer Christian Louboutin snakeskin heels, guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye!

fj 3


The final look is a little more polished, maybe for an office party or a date night. The colour scheme is quite simple with the blue in the clutch tying in with the jeans and the monochrome watch and shoes. Add a few necklaces to take it next level and viola, you’re done!

fj 4







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