Get The Look: Chanel Oberlin (Scream Queens)

Scream Queens was a great success, but not as much as the love-to-hate protagonist Chanel Oberlin and her deliciously extravagant wardrobe.

Her style is rich. Filthy rich, and it comes in all shades of pastel, feather and a good dollop of sass.

Obviously, her style is not only way to expensive but a tad bit too fancy, or for me anyway. So I’ve decided to offer you a few Chanel-inspired looks, to bring out your inner diva. Now, you can finally go and get your extra hot, over complicated, extra hot coffee.


Here is the more Monochrome side of Chanel. The striking black and white contrast can be toned down with a bow on the top. Add a pair of over-sized sunnies, a well fitted skirt, a pair of pearl studs and last but never least, a killer blood-red lip.



Ah, back to a more classic look-pink. Although an all pink outfit may be a little too much for the eye (Dolores Umbridge anyone?), you can break up one of Chanel’s fave colours to wear with a faux suede pencil skirt.Along with a sleeveless ribbed turtleneck,add a chic necklace, chunky suede heels (tassels are a bonus) and a cute faux fur key chain to ‘fluff’ up your  look.



Feeling blue? I’ve got you! You can pair a simple a-line dress with an embellished neckline with a belted pastel faux fur coat for those chilly evenings. Add accessories that tie in with the colours in the dress and finish off with the popular Scream Queens trend – socks and heels!




This look is based off those rare times Chanel decides she doesn’t want the whole world seeing her underpants in those teeny skirts, and wears pants instead. You can pair a classic print – like the plaid pants shown below – with a solid peplum top for that extra flare. Feed you inner Coco Chanel and pile on the pearls, add a petite crossbody and you’re done! (P.S. don’t forget the matching heels!)


Hey! So you made it all the way down here and thanks for that! Do tell me what you think of this post and my blog and tell me if you want any specific Get The Looks’. Thanks, and stay tuned for more!


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