Celeb Style Steal: Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is a much coveted name, earlier in the model industry and now in the glitz of Hollywood. Although known for her infamous brows, she is a fashion inspiration to many and people lover her for her laid-back, sporty and totally attainable style. She dresses for comfort but never compromises her true style, adding that extra piece to make any outfit that little bit edgier, cooler and essentially – more Cara D.

Here are a few of her outfits and similar pieces to it, so you too can get that alluring Cara Vibe:


A simple look, but quite clever. Wear a long solid or simple-patterned shirt and throw on a long printed jumper, preferably monochrome. Add a black miniskirt or a pair of shorts or even leggings if you want to cover up a bit more.


Leaning to a slightly grunge look, this is all about the layers. Start with a plain, solid, neutral-coloured tee and add a jean jacket on top. To amp up the layers, add another camouflage jacket, sleeves pushed up, of course and tie a plaid shirt around your waist. Keep the bottom half simple with black shorts, and buckled boots and socks. Throw a beanie on at last.


This is a look I love since it is so simple but very eye-catching. Pair a red (or any other bright-coloured) duffel coat with a patterned chambray shirt or top. Finish off with distressed jeans and simple black pumps for added class. Top with simple eye makeup and a nude lip.


This casual but sporty look is quite easy to replicate. Grab any white tee with a black graphic design on and pair it with a white bomber jacket. Finish off with forest- green leggings or skinny jeans, studded boots and a chic watch and sunnies.


Somehow Cara can always wear plaid and not look like a lumberjack slash country girl, not that either of those are bad things to be. Either way, you too can pull it off. Just pair a flowy white tee with a bright plaid shirt and throw on a faux leather jacket. Add your fave pair of jeans and wear a pair of distressed-style boots. Finish off with smudgy kohl-lined eyes and you’re done!


This final look is more dressy than usual, but it looks so classy and unique. In this picture, Cara is wearing the same shade of a gorgeous blue, but you can recreate the outfit with any other colour you like. The trick is to pair different textures with the same colour. Wear a lace top, tucked into satin pants and add a metallic heel. Keep the makeup simple with a pale pink lip and for a pop of colour up top, add a pair of purple aviators, or any colour that goes with the shade your wearing. For example you could complement an all-red look with pink shades.



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