How To Style: For Work

Ok, you’re late for work, you have no time for coffee, but oh you must have your coffee, your hair is unwashed and you smell mildly of cat pee, you don’t know what to wear, guess it’s another day of pants and a shirt and those battered nude pumps.

Well, it doesn’t have to work that way. Putting together outfits for work is easy, you just need to find out how to polish your style a bit and tweak it so that its a little more formal and a little less deep v-neck, depending on your workplace.

Here are 4 outfits so you can be inspired for those dreary Mondays, plus its easy to wear them out after work to dinner or party too! Just keep reading:


Here, I’ve paired this off-shoulder, bright orange dress with a simple blazer that can be removed after work, to bare a little skin. Add a sleek, classic watch and nude pumps and you’re done!



This shirt is really cool since it is a blend of formal and sparkly (yay!), so there won’t be any tutting at work but you’ll certainly capture people’s attention. Add a pair of sleek, black culottes, strappy sandals and a black purse to really let the top shine!ww2


A little more of a daring look, but its all about balance. Since I have such a vibrant blue in this gorgeous, flowy palazzo, I’ve added a crisp white button up and a white blazer with black detailing. Keep the minimalism going with a pale pink lip and shiny oxfords and let the pants do all the talking!



This outfit is for those boring, gloomy days where you (and probably the rest of the office) wouldn’t mind a bit of brightness. This comfy, mid-length sleeve blouse complements the yellow in the daisies on the lovely floral pencil skirt, so the look is cohesive, rather than fighting for attention. Add a simple, compact bag and short, chunky-heeled shoes which are great if you walk around a lot!


Hey, a quick reminder, if you want to see more or want me to do a part 2, do tell! Thanks for reading!


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