Hello, I’m Meghna (say it Mayg-naa)but you can call me Meg.

This is my little spot on the internet where I share my outfits to hopefully inspire others and occasionally dabble in other fashion-related topics.

To introduce myself a little more, I’m Indian and 15 years old. I love fashion and makeup and putting together creative looks. I adore animals and reading. Also, I tend to be quite sarcastic, but it will grow on you, or so I’m told!

Another teeny disclaimer; this blog follows my style and I will only post outfits that I love and feel comfortable in. I’m still a teen and you won’t see me in Hermes handbags or Gucci heels or Chanel skirts. What you will see me in is affordable, locally bought clothing. Also, where I live is quite warm and so I will dress to suit this climate so you will rarely see me in heavy coats and sweaters etc. I have a limited closet like most teens, but I hope it inspires you to work with what you have, like I do!

P.S.  I’ve just started out as of now and don’t have too many posts, but stick around for more to come!

Au revoir!


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