How To Style: Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks used to only be seen on ‘nerd’, ‘dorks’ and the generally ‘unfashionable’ part of the population. But now, they reside o the shoulders of the wealthy, stylish and ‘popular’. Although, this vast shift in fashion does not have me smh as I love this trend, especially as it it a quick and easy way to look classy and put together, but with the large styles and varieties of turtlenecks, the outfit ideas are vast. Here are a few looks I’ve conjured up:














Celeb Style Steal: Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is a much coveted name, earlier in the model industry and now in the glitz of Hollywood. Although known for┬áher infamous brows, she is a fashion inspiration to many and people lover her for her laid-back, sporty and totally attainable style. She dresses for comfort but never compromises her true style, adding that extra piece to make any outfit that little bit edgier, cooler and essentially – more Cara D.

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Get The Look: Chanel Oberlin (Scream Queens)

Scream Queens was a great success, but not as much as the love-to-hate protagonist Chanel Oberlin and her deliciously extravagant wardrobe.

Her style is rich. Filthy rich, and it comes in all shades of pastel, feather and a good dollop of sass.

Obviously, her style is not only way to expensive but a tad bit too fancy, or for me anyway. So I’ve decided to offer you a few Chanel-inspired looks, to bring out your inner diva. Now, you can finally go and get your extra hot, over complicated, extra hot coffee.

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