How To Style: Animal Print

The animal print trend rises and falls with the passing seasons. Some people sneer at it in disgrace, others dress up head to toe in it and look like some strange hybrid animal.

Sometimes it is a can be a little confusing as to how to wear animal print so that it doesn’t overwhelm you, but isn’t just a skinny scarf around your neck. Here are a few ways to subtly ease into this common trend:


This is a simple outfit, especially if you want a toned down look.The colours in the clothes mirror the pattern in the faux snakeskin boots, which can be quite the stylish wardrobe staple. Wear them with a pair of well fitted black pants or jeans and a textured cream top. Finish off with a comfortable, flowing grey coat.



A little brighter look, this grey leopard print crop top gets a fresh update with these vibrant, happy, green culottes. Add a simple black coat for those colder evenings and a pair of nude loafers are perfect for roaming around the city.



Another beautiful monochrome look, it is based around that lovely zebra print purse.Add a fitted grey or tweed dress, chunky sole shoes with ankle socks and a bold gold choker for that glam touch.



The bright red and tiger print go together like bread and butter! This is an eye-catching pair that’s sure to gain compliments. Add a sweet, black fringe scarf, simple black watch and earthy brown ankle boots to finish.



This final look plays a little more with pattern, but nonetheless they work together. I’ve paired this black giraffe print pant with this adorable floral top. Those scandalous bright pink heels tie in with the petals on the top and a simple off-white clutch adds the finishing touch.





How To style: Sequins

When we think sequins, we think a lot of things; sparkles, shiny, bold, gaudy, too much, not enough of it!

Sequins seem to be the ongoing attire for new year parties and dinners and everything in between, but after that clock strikes 12, you know you will never wear your sparkly sweater or golden pants again. But, I’m here to show you sequins can be worn throughout the year, from casual parties to date night, and it doesn’t always have to look garish and overwhelming. So, here are 5 outfits:


Sequins don’t have to completely cover a garment and catch too much attention. Here is an understated pair of scallop edge shorts with dull sliver sequin detailing. It is very easy on the eye, but still adds that oomph to your look. I’ve added an emerald green crop top to add some colour. Add a bomber to give an edgy look, or if its a little chilly, and complete the look with thigh-high boots and a gold watch.



Sequins pieces in dark colours are always unexpected and add a touch of glamour to any look. To let the skirt be the star of the show, I’ve kept it casual with a loosely tucked striped tee, an adorable bow clutch and cool silver earrings.



This is quite a classy and glam look, even with a pair of sequin pants! Black sequins are very pretty and eye-catching, but not too crazy, so it works well in many occasions. Here, I’ve paired it with a flowy pale pink top that ties at the waist to give it more definition. Add a gold statement necklace, cute, simple box clutch/purse and camel shoes. To keep things a little different and casual, I’ve added a denim jacket, but feel free to take things a little formal with a trench coat or blazer.



This is more of a party look, but again, you aren’t drowning in sparkles. Pair a simple sequined crop top, like the one here, with a clean white pencil skirt, automatically making the look classier. Add a flowy long shrug, and keep the shoes simple, possibly monochrome.



This is a gorgeous sequin dress, with a really unique pattern and a halter neck. Find a dress like this one where sequins aren’t only the main component, find a dress with an interesting pattern, texture or even length, so there’s more to it than just shine. Give it some edge with a motorcycle jacket and grey suede boots. Add some slim gold and silver bangles for arm candy and seal the deal with a bright, popping lipstick shade.



How To Style: For Work

Ok, you’re late for work, you have no time for coffee, but oh you must have your coffee, your hair is unwashed and you smell mildly of cat pee, you don’t know what to wear, guess it’s another day of pants and a shirt and those battered nude pumps.

Well, it doesn’t have to work that way. Putting together outfits for work is easy, you just need to find out how to polish your style a bit and tweak it so that its a little more formal and a little less deep v-neck, depending on your workplace.

Here are 4 outfits so you can be inspired for those dreary Mondays, plus its easy to wear them out after work to dinner or party too! Just keep reading:


Here, I’ve paired this off-shoulder, bright orange dress with a simple blazer that can be removed after work, to bare a little skin. Add a sleek, classic watch and nude pumps and you’re done!



This shirt is really cool since it is a blend of formal and sparkly (yay!), so there won’t be any tutting at work but you’ll certainly capture people’s attention. Add a pair of sleek, black culottes, strappy sandals and a black purse to really let the top shine!ww2


A little more of a daring look, but its all about balance. Since I have such a vibrant blue in this gorgeous, flowy palazzo, I’ve added a crisp white button up and a white blazer with black detailing. Keep the minimalism going with a pale pink lip and shiny oxfords and let the pants do all the talking!



This outfit is for those boring, gloomy days where you (and probably the rest of the office) wouldn’t mind a bit of brightness. This comfy, mid-length sleeve blouse complements the yellow in the daisies on the lovely floral pencil skirt, so the look is cohesive, rather than fighting for attention. Add a simple, compact bag and short, chunky-heeled shoes which are great if you walk around a lot!


Hey, a quick reminder, if you want to see more or want me to do a part 2, do tell! Thanks for reading!

How To Style: Denim Skirts

Denim skirts started popping up towards the end of last year and have really been hitting the streets in full force since. It’s a really cool trend that’s been brought back, and they come in a variety of lengths and styles. Although it may seem like something you used to wear when you were 9, pair them with the right pieces and you can take them from brunch with friends to dinner with the mother-in-law 😉


This look is an ode to the vintage history of the skirt. Pair the solid skirt with a patterned sweater crop-top, cool, chunky-heeled shoes and a deep red lip. add a pair of thick-rimmed cat-eye style sunnies and you’re good to go.



This is another simple, but classy look. Polish off the frayed edges of the skirt with a flowy, clean, cropped white tee. Add a striped blazer on top for an little fun but a little  formality and finish off with leopard print shoes for an unexpected twist!



This is one’s a little more dressy. Tuck in a romantic, flouncy top like this one, into a long, fitted denim skirt, preferably with a side split, like the one shown. Add a simple crossbody for any essentials and a neutral heel.



Ah, the infamous denim-on-denim look. I’ve paired a denim crop-top with this vibrant blue mid-length skirt, switching up the shades of blue. Kick it back with some chunky-soled sneakers and make your outfit pop with a bright clutch. Dainty gold chains are welcome.



A little more bohemian this time. This lovely, asymmetrical, frilled piece really caught my eye, and I kept it simple and chic on top with a patterned bralette. Add a little structure and toughness to the look with a faux red leather jacket, to complement the vibrant patterns on the top. Add simple, studded flats and you’re ready for the day, or night.



Suitable for a more fancy occasion, this outfit makes you look like you spent a lot of time on it, although its quite easy to put together. I’ve taken this overly-distressed denim skirt and classed it up with an off-shoulder blue and white striped top, with a matching deep blue clutch. Slip on some killer boots in a toned-down, but eye-catching colour and finish up with your fave choker!




Celeb Style Steal: Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is a much coveted name, earlier in the model industry and now in the glitz of Hollywood. Although known for her infamous brows, she is a fashion inspiration to many and people lover her for her laid-back, sporty and totally attainable style. She dresses for comfort but never compromises her true style, adding that extra piece to make any outfit that little bit edgier, cooler and essentially – more Cara D.

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Get The Look: Chanel Oberlin (Scream Queens)

Scream Queens was a great success, but not as much as the love-to-hate protagonist Chanel Oberlin and her deliciously extravagant wardrobe.

Her style is rich. Filthy rich, and it comes in all shades of pastel, feather and a good dollop of sass.

Obviously, her style is not only way to expensive but a tad bit too fancy, or for me anyway. So I’ve decided to offer you a few Chanel-inspired looks, to bring out your inner diva. Now, you can finally go and get your extra hot, over complicated, extra hot coffee.

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How To Style: Flared Jeans

This is a throwback trend, and it has hit hard. From Fashion Week visitors to your fave blogger, you’ve spotted it all around the fashion scene, and also in your moms closet; oh the confusing questions of life.

Although they can seem a bit daunting and maybe even, dare say, silly *fashionistas around the world gasp* once you get into a pair, there is no going back (plus, they make your legs seem to go on forever).

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Athleisure; so you can pretend you work out

A well-known street trend is athleisure, aptly named to merge sporty clothing with the more, comfy and casual vibe. It’s great if you want to take on a new look, but don’t want to try anything too cur-azy (neon vinyl, anyone).

It can be spotted on many celebs and brings you one step closer to achieving that ‘off-duty model’ look, even of you’re not 10 feet tall and then some.

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