Denim On Denim : Wear the Trend

When you hear the phrase ‘denim on denim’ as uttered by many bloggers, designers and fashion police, you either screw up your face in confusion or smile, nostalgic of the infamous 70s style that has come back full-force. Here are a few looks that will help you rock this fresh trend without seeming passe or some other frou-frou fashion-insult 😉











How To Style: Denim Overalls

Usually in denim, this one-piece has been flying off the shelves and making it big from everyday strolls in the park to the hottest fashion blogs. Here are a couple ways to style ’em:

1-This cool wide-leg pair can be dressed up with his loose bohemian floral top. Add a chic gold watch and/or bracelets and pair of pointed heels that go with your top.



A little more casual, this everyday look can be achieved by wearing a short-leg overall, like the faded one shown here and add a well-fitting tank or crop top, in a colour or print of your choice. Throw on a complementing flannel and rocker stud-boots to finish.oa3

This simple pair is jazzed up with a sliver sequined crop top, lovely chunky heels and to add that needed pop of colour-a bright orange bag. Thus, you can balance out the casual of the overalls with colour and sparkles!


This look is a little more fun-and comfy!-with the adage of this pastel rainbow print sweatshirt. Add your fave pair of Vans and here I’ve added some glam with these gorgeous rhinestone earrings that call on the colours of the sweatshirt.


This chic black overall is jazzed up with this really cool, printed full-sleeve top. Accessorize with a pair of pumps or wedges and add a summery pair of sunnies and a faux suede hat.


How To Style: Denim Skirts

Denim skirts started popping up towards the end of last year and have really been hitting the streets in full force since. It’s a really cool trend that’s been brought back, and they come in a variety of lengths and styles. Although it may seem like something you used to wear when you were 9, pair them with the right pieces and you can take them from brunch with friends to dinner with the mother-in-law 😉


This look is an ode to the vintage history of the skirt. Pair the solid skirt with a patterned sweater crop-top, cool, chunky-heeled shoes and a deep red lip. add a pair of thick-rimmed cat-eye style sunnies and you’re good to go.



This is another simple, but classy look. Polish off the frayed edges of the skirt with a flowy, clean, cropped white tee. Add a striped blazer on top for an little fun but a little  formality and finish off with leopard print shoes for an unexpected twist!



This is one’s a little more dressy. Tuck in a romantic, flouncy top like this one, into a long, fitted denim skirt, preferably with a side split, like the one shown. Add a simple crossbody for any essentials and a neutral heel.



Ah, the infamous denim-on-denim look. I’ve paired a denim crop-top with this vibrant blue mid-length skirt, switching up the shades of blue. Kick it back with some chunky-soled sneakers and make your outfit pop with a bright clutch. Dainty gold chains are welcome.



A little more bohemian this time. This lovely, asymmetrical, frilled piece really caught my eye, and I kept it simple and chic on top with a patterned bralette. Add a little structure and toughness to the look with a faux red leather jacket, to complement the vibrant patterns on the top. Add simple, studded flats and you’re ready for the day, or night.



Suitable for a more fancy occasion, this outfit makes you look like you spent a lot of time on it, although its quite easy to put together. I’ve taken this overly-distressed denim skirt and classed it up with an off-shoulder blue and white striped top, with a matching deep blue clutch. Slip on some killer boots in a toned-down, but eye-catching colour and finish up with your fave choker!




How To Style: Flared Jeans

This is a throwback trend, and it has hit hard. From Fashion Week visitors to your fave blogger, you’ve spotted it all around the fashion scene, and also in your moms closet; oh the confusing questions of life.

Although they can seem a bit daunting and maybe even, dare say, silly *fashionistas around the world gasp* once you get into a pair, there is no going back (plus, they make your legs seem to go on forever).

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